Most of us are not blessed with sexy butts that make our figure attractive. Many women did not get persuade with their back. But not everyone moans about it. Some hate their butts or some say that they do not have attractive bigger butts who do not make their figure sexy.

Let us first clear you that at your birth, your body type is ascertained by the genes you inherited from your parents. Genetics plays a vital role in the proportions and configuration of your buttocks and other muscles of your body. This is the main reason that some women have naturally bigger and attractive booty while some are flat overall. If you have a pear configuration body then it stores fat in your buttocks or a body configuration that stores fat in the abdomen and hips.

The configuration of the butts is made up of glutes muscles. Buttocks muscles are made up of three main muscles. One of the big and important muscles is gluteus maximus. The other two small muscles are gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. These small muscles fragile when you buttress your body with one leg, as you might do when you are walking, climbing or running. Glutes muscles give you a range of motion cooperatively.

So, those who want to make your buttocks bigger for attractive figure we have some ways to add size and muscle mass to your glutes. But before telling you some ways you should know about some important things before try to get your bigger butts.


  1. The first and the most salient thing you should know about that when we are talking about butts, we are talking about those three glutes muscles on your backyard.
  2. Then next thing is that you need to work on these three muscles if want to make your booty larger in size.
  3. Buttocks appearance is important that how much fat your glutes are covering.
  4. Least and most vital thing is that firstly, you will obligate to lose your body fat.
  5. Intake fewer carbs, calories and more proteins for the maintenance of your contemporary body weight.
  6.  Make sure that you lose your body fat only not your muscle during the buildup of your muscle.
  7. Then work for the growth of your muscles.
  8. When your glutes become little bit strong, do some more exigent movements and add weights.
  9. Carry out and limit your workout with your glute training exercises.
  10. Take plenty of set up and rest to recuperate.
  11. Your expectations for consequences should be pragmatic.
Big Booty Girl sitting on a tower

Now! Let us tell you some exercises for your bigger buttocks to make your figure sexy.




Glute bridge exercise is one of the best exercises for those who spend several hours while sitting at a desk. This exercise braces your spine and nurtures your better figure. Glute bridge workout nurtures your

  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Hip muscles
  • Lower back muscles


  1. Lying flat on your back with your arms resting at your sides.
  2. Place your palms firmly on the ground.
  3. Bend your knees in such a way that your shin is perpendicular to ground.
  4. Pull your belly in to captivate your crux.
  5. Lift your lower back and hips in such a way that your body remains straight from your shoulders to knees.

Do this work out almost 20 times. This will help you to make your butts gorgeous.


Sumo walk exercise

Sumo walk exercise helps to tone your glutes, hip flexors, and quadriceps. This exercise captivates your hamstrings. Sumo walk exercise begins with slow walks and later on when you become congenial at some point, you can switch to a faster rapidity.


  1. Stand with your feet spread spacious apart, with your toes tapering pointed outward.
  2. Put your hands at the back side of your head.
  3. Maintain your squat position and start to move to right. Take 15 steps.
  4. Then take another 15 steps to left.


LUNGES exercise

This exercise is one of the best workouts for the toning of your glute muscles and inner thighs. Beginners usually do this erroneously.


  1. Stand up with caudexes upright and hold two dumbbells in your hands by your sides.  
  2. Your leg is placed forward with knee crooked.
  3. Lower your upper body down and keep your caudexes balanced.
  4. Then inhale as you go down.
  5. Use your foot heel for stick out and go stern to the starting location as you exhale.

This will help to make your buttocks round and healthy.


SKI SQUATS exercise

This is the perfect exercise for well- toned buttocks and well- toned legs.


  1. Put your hands by your side and stand straight with your feet close together.
  2. Make 90 degree angle position by bending at your knees and squat down till your knees.
  3. As you squat down, keep your arms raise in a straight position according to the shoulder height.
  4. Stand back up.
  5. Underneath your arms back down to your waist as you do.



This is the supper efficient exercise which quarries the point where your glutes and hamstrings meet. This exercise

  • Tone your butts’ muscles
  • Build up spine
  • Sculpt abs


  1. Set down your crux with knees and bum moderately bent.
  2. Kick one of your working legs directly back and high. It will go in need of encompassing hip locality.
  3. Keep another knee crooked at 90 degrees.
  4. Raise your leg in the high locality till you become relax.
  5. Then lower your knee but do not touch the floor.
  6. Again lift your knee. Do it almost 20 times.
  7. Do same with the other leg.

 Try these workouts! They will help you to make your figure attractive and sexy.


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