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What are the ideal buttocks size? Complete Theory and formula

ideal buttocks size

This is a different post from all over the internet you will ever find. So please read this carefully. “Buttmentor” always try to give honest opinion and research. Our mission is to educate people about their booty health.

So “What is the ideal buttocks?”

If I say the ideal word is variable here. Would you believe it? Your opinion can be different now but I think after reading this complete. You and I will have some similarities in our thoughts about ideal buttocks.

So the ideal is a variable here and it can be changed according to genetics, personality, and overall body shape. We can calculate the ideal size of our buttocks to look more beautiful.

Purpose of achieving an ideal butt:

The purpose of getting an ideal booty can change the definition of ideal. Like a fashion model want to get a bigger booty to look more attractive, to get into the trend, and to follow the fashion. But an athlete wants to get the ideal hips to improve performance in sports. So in both cases, the definition of the ideal will change. Because the model wants to gain size but the athlete or sports person wants to achieve strength.

Beauty is in the art of seeing:

Everybody has a different definition of beautiful because everybody has a preference as to what defines beauty. No one can see your beauty but the special one that means the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But there is always a standard for beauty and this standard changes according to culture and region. Like there is a region where long necks considered as beauty so women in that region wear rings in their necks to increase neck size time by time so they enlarge their natural neck to get more beauty. Culture modifies from time to time like in the early 90’s people wear bellbottom pants but now it’s considered as an old fashion.

Confident and comfortable:

Ideal buttocks are those you can feel confident and comfortable with. If I achieve a big booty and cannot sit properly and cannot feel confident so what is the benefit of getting it. So the ideal butt is comfortable and confident.

In below point we will have some aspects that considered in a beautiful buttocks. These points are like standard or scale of beauty in butt so with them we can figure out that random hips are beautiful or not.

Waist to hip ratio (WHR):

Take an inches tap and measure your waist circumference and measure your hips circumference as well. Divide waist measurement by hips measurement.

Waist circumference:  27.5 inches

Hip circumference: 35 inches

WHR:  27.5 ÷ 35 = 0.7

0.7 is considered a most beautiful booty and with this method, you can calculate your current WHR and customize it by your choice.

0.7 is the current standard of good-looking buttocks.

Feature of beautiful buttocks:

These feature are very important in a beautiful buttocks. Without the below features there will no shape of buttocks.

  • Sacral Dimples
  • Sacral Triangle
  • Lateral Depression
  • Short Infragluteal fold

Different types of booty shapes:

Basically there are four shapes of buttocks

  • Square Shape
  • Circle shape
  • Inverted V-Shape
  • Pear/Heart Shape

In one of our previous article we have discussed the shapes of butt in detail you can find that article in below link.

Different shape of butts



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