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Real Science and Strategy to Get Big Booties

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One of our clients reach out to us and claimed that from the previous few years she was searching for case studies of a bigger butt. But unfortunately, where ever she searched, Got “Squats” “squats” and “squats”. Getting a bigger butt naturally is complete science and strategy. If we know what we are doing and why doing it, it will easy to get our dream perky booty.
In some cases, people do workout for years to get there wanted booty but somehow fail badly just because of the wrong strategy.
If I say you that it’s very easy to get your buttocks in shape so what would you say? I know you have many questions in your mind. Just keep that queries in your mind just for few minutes. I will try to answer your questions magically in this post.
We are going to discuss “Squats” haha. Don’t worry, we will discuss the whole science to get big booties.

Not only squats:

YES, do not ever rely on only squats. In squats, there are more other muscles that help in doing it. So we don’t want to gain thighs our targeted area is butts. I always recommend that single-leg squats are better than simple squats. If you want to gain gluteal muscles don’t repeat a single exercise daily always change the exercise to gain muscle properly and in a better manner. My tip is fire hydrant is a very good and effective exercise with more conversion. Try to do fire hydrant with more reps.

Activation of gluteal muscles:

Activation of gluteal muscle means warm-up of the gluteal muscle. Always make the muscles ready for a workout before adding more weight to the exercise. If muscles are not ready for heavyweight and we try to start with heavy exercise so that can cause a slew of problems and damage for our gluteal muscles. Warm-up is very necessary. So daily start with the lite gluteal exercises without weight like jumping, squats, or frog jumping.
We have researched on top international trainers and we find one thing common. Do you know what is it? Consistency is the key to success and it also fits on getting a big booty naturally. If you workout daily so never miss your gluteal day.


Whenever some perform an exercise so there will be always two muscles that involve in the exercise. Always try to make gluteal muscles to your primary muscle while doing a workout for the ass. Getting focus on our primary muscle is the second and most important part. Focus realizes that the exercise is getting performed is at the right angle and in what direction it will lead to the person.
Do you remember what we have mentioned in the starting point “we should know what we are doing?” so this whole point is around that factor.
There is a connection between mind and exercise. The entire game is to make that connection between your mind and exercise. So this connection will help to focus on our primary muscle and mainly on our goal.

Extra weight:

Whenever someone wants to gain a big size of muscle so they add extra weight into their exercises. So how can we forget that point while it comes to the booties? Our official trainers always recommend and suggest our customers to do heavy gluteal exercises. It helps a lot to gluteus Maximus to put on weight faster.
So the question is “How can we make an exercise heavy?”
The resistant band is a cheaper and efficient way to make exercise more effortful. Try to put a resistant band on the thighs or lower legs while doing lunges.
Ankle weights are my personal favorite. We can customize its weight very easily. Put on ankle weight while doing fire hydrants or back kicks. You will feel the burning into the right part of the body.


Rest is the core of the exercise. Always try to do more rest while you are working out. Whenever a human body starts workout the muscles get disturbed. So our muscle needs the right amount of time to recover and gain weight.

Diet and proteins:

Some people try to get a small waist and a bigger butt at the same time. So for the small waist, we have to take fewer calories and for the bigger butts, we have to take more calories than we burn. So it’s impossible to get both things at the same time. You should divide it into the parts so our first goal is to get toned booty and the small waist is your choice :D.
Protein shakes are a must if you want to gain a big size of the gluteal muscle. High protein food items take more time to destruct and provide protein to the booty muscles. While working on gluteal muscles, Muscles need more and quick proteins to recover fast and gain size because it’s the construction part of our gluteal muscles or buttocks.

Please comment if you have any queries. We would love to answer them.
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