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Different Shapes of Butts and Health Relation

shapes of butts

The human body is a mystery, and it constantly gives us signals and provides information that we can learn to interpret to make ourselves feel better. Looking closely at the body can reveal information about personality or health that we do not know. By increasing your recording capacity you can learn to decipher what the way you walk says about you, what your feet say about your health in general, or what the way you clench your fist means , among many other interesting facts. Although it sounds weird, especially since parts of the body like the buttocks are more taboo than others, their shape also has something to say about the health of your body.

The shape of your body, specifically your beautiful butt, can reveal a lot about your overall health. Only the size of it though can show the general health condition of the individual. With that said, people tend to believe that fat storage is bad for health, but further research shows that this may not be true. Maybe we don’t know it, but the human body is a very intelligent system and always knows where to deposit fat.

different shapes of butts

For women, their hormones dictate that the fat is mainly stored in the derriere in order to protect the heart. So having a bigger booty can be more beautiful in some cases, but there is always an opportunity to remove the fat and strengthen it.

There are four shapes of buttocks.

1.         Square (H shape)

2.         Round (O shape)

3.         Pear/Heart (A Shape)

4.         Inverted (V Shape)

Square (H-Shape):

Square or “H” shaped buttocks are the result of high hips (having the hipbones in a high position) or a little fat in the abdomen region. This makes the buttocks look flatter than they actually are. Unfortunately, it is difficult to shape this type of derrière, but with specific exercises, you can reduce the fat around the waist to tone that area of the body.

Round (O-Shape):

They are the result of the accumulation of fat in the upper parts of the buttocks. Fortunately, this gives you a good appearance, not to mention that it also reflects very good health. Any type of fat that accumulates will be very easy to eliminate with diet and specific exercises.

Pear/Heart (A-Shape):

Perhaps the most desired among women, as it is large, well-shaped, and highlights the waist. On the other hand, it also results in a lot of fat, both in that area of the body and in the thighs. This type of glute also tends to lose fat and, over time, it will go to the abdomen. If your butt is this shape, it’s time to remove as much as you can.

Inverted (V Shape):

This is the “behind” of somewhat older women. The fat in that area began to move to other parts of the body thanks to age and the lack of estrogen. If your buttocks have this shape, it is important to reduce fat to protect the heart and prevent it from migrating to other areas. A curious fact that has been discovered is that women with large tails could be more intelligent than others. This area of the anatomy is associated with lower cholesterol levels and, therefore, produces hormones that can metabolize sugar. This large derrière requires an excess of Omega 3 fatty acids, which catalyze the development of the chandler. In other words, large glutes have been associated with these fatty acids, which promote brain health.



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