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Exercise is the most important factor in our life. A healthy body always has a healthy mind. Eyes can never see a dream without sleeping so how can we get our dream booty without workout. It’s hard to start the exercise but it’s only hard to start. Are you getting it? It’s always hard to take the first step but when you will get started nothing can stop you to achieve toned butt. In this post we will not only discuss “How to get bigger bumm or butt” at home but we will try our best to boost your motivation. According to school research if you are surrounded by people physically or virtually who share their daily exercise routine with the other participants. You will automatically feel the urge and motivation to get you in shape.

It’s important to understand basic structure of hips if the perfect shape is goal.

Buttocks Structure:

Human gluteal area basically have three muscles.

1. Gluteus Maximus

Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle of the buttocks. The shape of buttocks mainly and 90% depends on it. It is curved by 45 degrees with the main shape of a bum. Gluteus maximus provides the main force for running and jumping.

2. Gluteus Medius

It is the secondary and middle muscle between gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus. It is a fan shaped muscle and its attached to the ligament of your hip joint. This muscle helps in rotation.

3. Gluteus Minimus

It is the smallest and deepest muscle under the gluteus medius. It has the same functions as gluteus medius and provides support to the total muscle structure.

Finally after discussing the hip structure lets move to the main part of post “Exercises”


When it comes to the buttocks and exercise how can we forget one of the best exercises for the hips? Deep squats help a lot in the basic shaping of the bum. In deep squats stand straight and get back lower to your knees. If you add some weight it will be harder. It looks effortless but when it comes to reps it will be demanding. If you want to jump higher and run faster squats can make this easier by just making your back core strong.

Single leg squats:

It’s better to focus on one by one muscle. Squats on a single leg increase the bodyweight on the single-leg hip muscle so there will be more pressure on the single hip muscle. Squats on a single leg increase the size of the gluteus maximus.

  • Extend one leg and keep the foot from touching the floor.
  • Hips descend back and down.
  • Keep the chest up as much as possible.
  • The knee of the working leg stays in line with the toes.
  • Hips descend lower than the knee.
  • Heel stays down.
  • Complete at full hip and knee extension.

Goblet Squat:

Goblet squat is my personal favorite. It is very important and effective in building a toned bum

  • In this type of squat,
  • Hold a dumble or kettlebell.
  • Right in front of our chest.
  • Go below to our knees.

Glute bridge:

Lay down on the exercise mat like the below picture open feet according to hip-width so your feet should straight with your hips. Squeeze glut and lift up your bum from the ground. Your knees should straight up to the feet and arms straight on the ground.


So for the lunge, you are going to start off with one leg in front of the other leg behind. Make sure you have enough space between your legs so one leg is not on the top of the other so that you have enough stability as you lung down and up. You are going to lunge straight down, your shoulders are rolled back, your chest is up, your abs are tight, you’re going to keep the weight in that front heel, and you’re going to lunge straight down, dropping that back knee to the floor, almost touching the floor and then stand right back up.

Fire Hydrant:

It has four points to start coming down to the ground, you’re going to stack your limbs making sure that your knees are underneath your hips and hands under your shoulders. Now flex your right foot keep your back nice neutral take the leg out as you exhale and then when you’re getting your leg back to the starting point “inhale”. Don’t touch your knee to the ground while doing reps and don’t make more than 90 degrees between the legs while your one leg is up.

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