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How long does it take to get a bigger bum through exercise, we all have this question in our mind when we start working on our butt or when we start thinking about our butt. This is the most important question ever. We would like to share some facts about this question. I know most of the people are thinking this is the most difficult question to answer but we will explain this into simple words and with simple facts.

If you are looking for the bigger butt just don’t worry. Butt Mentor will solve most of the queries in this Blog. First things first I will divide the solution into the modules and will finish it by combining them all together. Just to make you understand.


In our previous post, we have discussed most of the suitable foods that help you to get your buttocks toned. Diet is the most important factor in our body that decides the speed of reducing or gain weight.

If you are having a healthy meal every day, your bigger booty dream will come true sooner. Wait go back and read that line again. I mentioned every day not once in a week or twice. Buttocks have a fat layer on it. When a human body consumes more calories than it needs the extra calories will store in the form of fat into cells. Do you know fat itself a calorie consumer? Fat on our body consumes calories and muscles also consume calories. But muscle metabolism is way faster than fat layers so our muscles burn more calories.

Our pro tip for you is if you want to enhance your butt faster, intake fewer calories than you need your body will start consuming your body fat calories that will help you burn your fat.  If you start following this pro tip you will grow your booty faster.


workout for bigger butt

How fast can you build glutes?

Without exercise fitness is impossible. If you are aiming for well-toned and well-shaped butt without exercise it will get harder for you. Buttocks have muscles like any other body part. Gluteus muscle is covered with a fat layer. This fat layer could be thick or thin it all depends on our body structures and genetics. Exercise helps to burn this fat layer more efficiently. Well, when it comes to fat and we are discussing to get our dream booty that is big for more of us. Let me tell you some incredible facts about our body according to scientific research. Booty muscle shape is perfect so if your dream booty is perfect in shape. You have to burn your fat to expose your best shape of buttocks.

It’s better to focus on whole-body exercise than only on buttocks in exercise with focusing on whole-body every muscle will grow up. As we have mentioned above muscles burn more calories than fat so it will help to reduce fat faster. But always give more time to your targeted area (Buttocks). We would really like to recommend you to use any online weight and calories calculator before starting exercise so you can exercise smartly.

Workout in periods:

workout for bigger bum

Workout in periods is more effective than on go exercise. Try to exercise in periods with high intensity. It’s better to sprint for 15 minutes and take a break and run again for 15 minutes than you ran only for 45 minutes. It will help to grow muscles more effectively. Like if you are doing squats try to perform in sets. This is one of the ways to get your dream perky booty faster.


consistency for bigger bum

The key to progress, Consistency is the main feature of progress. Daily exercise with a perfect diet would be the fastest way of enhancing booty muscles. There is no shortcut in natural ways of growing buttocks. If you exercise and have a good meal daily you are going to get your dream butt soon. We promise that you will find the results in just one month. We tried our best to answer your question above.



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