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If you don’t like sweaty and time taking exercises to get a bigger butt. You are at the right place. We have researched a lot and consulted many physical instructors to get the right natural solution for you. In this post, we have tried our best to expose all the perfect natural ways and home remedies to get a bigger butt naturally without exercise. At the end of this article, we have a golden tip for you. But you can only understand that tip after reading our complete article.

Foods for a Bigger Butt:

Foods for a Bigger Butt

If you are doing or not doing any work out to get bigger butt the food will remain the same to get perfect fat on your buttocks. We have researched on some foods that are essentially important for your butt.
Dry fruits Plentiful in proteins, nutrients, minerals, and dietary fiber, dry natural products make for a delightful and solid bite. Dry fruits have a healthy oil in itself and that can play a good role to get a bigger booty without having any boring and time taking exercise,
Almonds itself a very healthy diet for your brain but don’t forget to use almonds into your daily routine if you want a well-toned booty.
After using almonds you will get a booty with brain :p… Jokes apart let’s back to the topic.
When we are talking about fat how can we forget potato? A 100-gram potato has 77 calories. If you add potato into your routine meal you will get a bigger butt without exercise. I really let you know it’s slow but working.

Yogurt with banana:

Yogurt with banana for bigger butt

Yogurt with banana, Bananas are fully rich with potassium and vitamin B6. One medium banana has 105 calories and 0.39-gram fat. Do you know, Potassium reduces muscle stress, and it is also important for your bones? Obviously you are thinking why I mentioned yogurt above yogurt is full of proteins and energy. If you have daily yogurt with banana daily in the morning you will start watching the results within a few days. Let me suggest you one thing even if you don’t want a big booty just try it. It’s a perfect natural smoothie ever.

Lifestyle/ Walk:

bigger butt

If you do not have time for boring exercise into your daily life. Lifestyle can change your saggy or normal butt to bigger and well-toned butt. Change your lifestyle if you want to enhance your buttocks. Include walk into your daily routine it will help your butt muscles to get well-shaped. Try to do your little physical tasks by yourself. Try to take stairs instead of the elevator it will help to tone your hip mussels better.

Standing and sitting Posture:

Standing and sitting Posture for bigger butt

If you really want to make your butt bigger without exercise then you have to change your standing and sitting posture. Always stand actively with your straight back and protruding your butt outer. It will help your butt muscles to get a good shape naturally. It will also help you to reduce stress. A weak posture is a sign of lazy people but an active posture will make you attractive. If you are having a meal as I have mentioned above, standing active and straight you are going to have quick progress.

Homemade Protein shake:

Protein shake to get bigger  butt

Try this for one month you will get noticeable results.
• Fresh cow milk
• Peanut butter (For more fat)
• Bananas (For energy and potassium)
Use this homemade protein shake before sleep daily. You will start getting fat on your buttocks.


Butt massage

This one is my personal favorite. Massages with the perfect oil will help the blood to flow smoothly in the right direction. It also helps to clear the blockage in the blood flow. Blood flow in the right direction will support your butt muscles to grow faster in the right direction. We all have unnecessary fat on unwanted places massage will reduce the side fat and make your butt tight.

Vaseline with Olive oil:

Vaseline with Olive to get big booty

If you want instant results all you have to do is to take a Vaseline in a cup, and 2 teaspoons of olive oil mesh them for 2 to 3 minutes. Olive oil will burn the extra fat and Vaseline will shape your muscles well. And your perfect moisture is ready to use but be careful before using it. Use this moisture to massage on your buttocks, but in the right direction. Always remember to move your hand upwards while rubbing this moisture or round and round.

Sit back and relax:

sitting for bigger butt

Research says that if you sit for a long time in a day that will cause you to get your buttocks bigger. What could be cooler than pass a day by doing nothing but sitting? Sitting will help fat deposition to the buttocks.

Golden Tip:

Consume more calories than burn calories and try to walk. 

Please mention below how many ways you have tried before.



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